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Cummins VT555 V8 Engine In-frame Rebuild Kit

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Our series of our Rebuild Kits for Cummins VT555 engines. We help you get your diesel engine running optimally quickly and inexpensively.


Our Cummins VT555 Engine In-frame Rebuild Kits keep your  diesel engine running optimally for less!

In-Frame Kit $1,390 with free shipping within the continental US

8 x Liner Kits (Includes set of crevice seals)

8 x Piston Crown

8 x Piston Skirt

8 x Piston Ring-Sets

8 x Piston Pins & Retainers

1 x Head Gasket Set

1 x Main Bearing Set (Std.)

1 x Rod Bearing Set (Std.)

1 x Thrust Washer Set

1 x Set of Injector O-Rings

1 x Rocker Cover Gasket

1 x Oil Pan Gasket

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