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Head Gasket Set, Detroit Diesel 60 (OE# 23532333)

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Head Gasket Set, Detroit Diesel Series 60 for non-EGR engines (OE # 23532333)

Head gasket set includes:

3 x Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

2 x Seal

1 x Seal

1 x Gasket, Exhaust Inlet

1 x  Seal, Camshaft Thrust Plate

1 x  Seal Ring, Camthrust plate

2 x Seal, Thermostat

1 x Gasket, Tach Drive Cover

1 x Seal, Block to gear case

3 x Gasket, Air in-take

1 x Seal, Camshaft

1 x Gasket, Cylinder Head

1 x Gasket, Turbo oil return

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