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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 22:49

Upgraded 1 Piece Steel Pistons for CAT 3406E & C15 (single turbo) engines


Upgraded 1 Piece Steel Pistons now available for CAT 3406E & C15 (single turbo) engines.

3406E & C15
For engines produced using 2-piece articulated piston 1807352, some customers expressed an interest to upgrade with a 1-piece steel piston. As a result, IPD developed the following kits:

KIFSPC15/462/CS kit (select 3406E applications)
KIFSPC15/02/CS kit (select C15 applications)

Email us @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us @ 888-901-4795 for more information on ordering.

The 1-piece pistons in these kits have the same 16.6:1 compression ratio as the original 1807352 piston, and require no additional alterations or modifications to the engine. Note that the piston pin is shorter in length than the original OE design pin to accommodate for the 1-piece piston design. As a precaution, this kit contains the #1599778CSWS (.001” oversized ID) crevice liner (the 1599778 liner was introduced by the OE and IPD years ago to help prevent piston scuffing in high load applications).

Since the release of these kits, it has come to IPD’s attention that many are being installed in engines that are being modified in an attempt to increase performance. IPD does not endorse the usage of these kits for higher performance “modifications”. The extent of these modifications is an unknown, some may be identified by the engines’ ECM, some not. Any modifications may affect other engine components, service life, emissions standards, and so on. Accordingly, tampering or altering an engine design via modifications that deviate from OE manufacturer operating specifications for the intended application is in violation of IPD’s written warranty. As a result, IPD only offers these kits on a “No Warranty” basis.
Note: IPD does not recommend mixing different design piston within an engine.

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