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Thursday, 11 May 2017 21:08

IPD Parts for Cummins® ISX15 now available!

IPD Parts for Cummins® ISX15

Industrial Parts Depot (IPD) parts for Cummins® ISX15 (15L) engines are now available! These IPD parts offer the most updated specifications in the aftermarket. IPD's precision engineering and manufacturing ensure that these parts are fully interchangeable with OE parts, and provide you with the quality, value, and performance that IPD is known for. Don't gamble with unknown quality parts, insist on the best...IPD!
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IPDSteel® pistons for ISX15 are updated specification APR (anti-polishing ring) "closed skirt" OE style bushingless designs. IPD's precision engineered and machined specifications ensure durability, performance, and full compatibility with OE design (the only known aftermarket design of which we are aware that can make this claim).
IPD's exclusive and innovative 1-piece oil dam plate is superior to other 2-piece competitive designs (including OE) that have a reputation of failure (falling out). Note that a failure here results in the loss of the piston crown cooling space, which can have catastrophic results).
IPD's special APR piston installation tool is required to install an APR piston into an APR cylinder liner. Simply remove the APR ring from the liner, insert the special tool, then proceed to complete the cylinder service.  And, for a limited time, this tool is included for free with each IPD Engine Kit order (a $149 OE value)!
IPD's updated APR cylinder liner is induction heat treated, includes a precision honed ID for proper break-in, and has an OE style carbon scraper ring. This liner also comes pre-installed (saves time) with a premium design/specification brass shim that includes the same number of tabs as the OE design (unlike as least one other aftermarket brand that far fewer tabs, and is not pre-installed on the liner).
IPD's high quality valvetrain components are also available for ISX15 cylinder head servicing, including valves (intake and exhaust), seat/inserts, guides, springs, and locks.
IPD's OE style overhaul gasket sets are made with heavy-duty OE style components. And, an updated style oil bypass valve (shown on the right) is included, versus an older ISX design (shown on the left) that can be found in at least one other aftermarket competitor's set.
IPD's kit also comes with the following parts that are not included with the OE kits:
  • Connecting Rod Bearings (a $366 to $450 OE value)
  • Isolation / Oil Pan Seal (a $130 OE value)
And, in addition to competitive pricing, IPD provides an aftermarket leading limited warranty (2 years / unlimited miles) that includes industry leading service and support. Wait no longer, contact Diesel Rebuild Kits and inquire about how to obtain your IPD parts for ISX15 today! Call us toll free at 888-901-4795 email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or simply check out for kit here!
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